venerdì 20 aprile 2012

The reasons for Veganism

If you are part of that public that pay attention to the dynamics of transformation of cultural thought, then you probably heard of the term Vegan. Well .. What exactly is Veganism? There are several definitions that may well decorate this term but, from personal experience, I believe the one that include them more is "lifestyle dictated by heart, information and, therefore, by consciousness."
The vegan lifestyle involves total rejection of the use of animal products and by-products in any field, both in the food, and in the clothing, but not only: it also involves the refusal to purchase any product (such as cosmetics, detergents, household cleaners, etc.) that has been tested on animals, and boycott all those brands that use animals for substances’  toxicity tests.
Let's briefly analyze these simple ethical reasons. Animals are sentient beings capable of feeling such sensations like affection and fear: anyone living with a cat or dog can easily become aware of this aspect. If we consider this point of view, a cow, a pig, a fish, a rabbit  are not different, but have identical perceptions and reactions.
The (in)human world does not take into consideration physical and psychological suffering of voiceless creatures and, for market reasons and pure economic profit, robs animals of their dignity and their very right to life. How? Cruelty and suffering dwell in hellish factory farms, where millions of animals are forced to suffer abuse and all kind of exploitation: their body is not considered as a living body, but downgraded to “thing” and the bodies of enslaved, ridiculed, exploited animals are used to produce meat, dairy products, fur, eggs etc.. Not everyone knows what really happens inside any intensive farm; I will briefly l try to make an idea: a cow in the wild would live 20 years, producing a quantity of milk equal to 5/10 liters a day for her baby. A cow in an intensive farm lives up to 4 years; she is artificially impregnated to ensure the continued production of milk (50/60 liters per day) intended for human consumption, while the newly born calf is torn from the mother to be offered to trade as "quality meat".The consumption of meat also causes the deforestation of the green earth. In short, here is some data: to produce 1 kg of beef requires 15 kg of grain; if we consider that in a year we consume at least 21 million tons of meat, we can immediately call to mind the great waste of grain in order to fatten animals, grain stolen from people who are dying of malnutrition. As mentioned before, the deforestation of large green areas, such as the Amazon Rainforest, is indeed caused by factory farms, which need large spaces. A significant finding is the increase of 80% of cattle population occurred in the Amazon Rainforest: in 10 years the region has lost an area equal to 2 times in Portugal.Another fundamental reason for Veganism is the human health: mankind was not born carnivore, nor has it ever become. Brave nutrition scientists have been censored about this truth (otherwise how would the drug companies get rich?). The human intestine is not suitable for the digestion of meat: it is in fact much longer than that one of the true carnivorous predators; our teeth are more similar to those of a cow, rather than to those of a lion. No media you will ever say that serious diseases such as heart disease and colon cancer (and many others) are most popular in the U.S. and Europe, precisely because of the presence of animal protein in diets. Have you ever thought that the human being is the only animal that drinks milk from other animal species? In nature, no other animal would feed itself in this way: this consideration helps us to understand that human “traditional” diet is abnormal and unhealthy.If you do not feel empathy towards animals, at least feel it towards your body.


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